How to Transform Your Management Team in 6 Months with One Simple Tool

for CHROs, HR Pros, CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CTOs, and Middle Managers

I challenge business leaders to work for one hour without having to deal with a critical issue involving people development, customer service, revenue generation, EBITDA improvement, or technology/innovation. To address these potential issues, I created a management assessment tool for developing senior leadership teams based on a forty-year career as a senior executive with strong C-Level leadership success rooted in blue chip companies, entrepreneurial organizations, and consultative assignments. Additionally, and through research that generated success with a published business book titled Profit Building: Cutting Cost Without Cutting People (Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc.), I have published processes, concepts, and teambuilding approaches with proven success. This 100-question assessment tool created with the documented benefit of improvement results in performance, productivity, and profitability, has resulted in success throughout my career. With that said, please read further to understand the Ludy Consulting Closed Loop Management Development Assessment Tool.

Main Features of the assessment:

  • Helps identify the current skill level and gaps between performance and developmental needs within your management teams.
  • Gives HR Pros the ability to develop specific management development plans for the organization.
  • Creates an individual or team management development plan that includes specific activities and programs to address areas for improvement.
  • Contains a snapshot of the current level of existing performance.
  • Identifies the specific areas for upskilling to improve performance.

How to use the assessment:

  • First, HR Pros should take the assessment and receive a summary of their results.
  • The HR Pro should then identify the questions where their scores were Disagree or Strongly Disagree. This determines the areas needing improvement.
  • The HR Pro should explore classes, training programs or consultative scenarios for self-development of areas identified by Disagree or Strongly Disagree questions.
  • HR Pros should take advantage of the 30-minute Free Consultation with us to discuss your score and self-developmental areas.
  • HR Pros should self-develop to improve their assessment results prior to making a recommendation of taking the assessment further into the organization.
  • The HR Pro should organize a meeting with the senior team to take the assessment and summarize all scores to review how the total team scored.
  • HR Pro should then collaborate with the individual senior team members to develop their individual management development plans.
  • The HR Pro should gain agreement with the senior leadership team so the middle-management team can take the assessment.
  • The HR Pro should then create management development plans and team training/development programs for the middle managers based on the results of the assessment.
  • After six months, reassess.

Key benefits of using the assessment tool:

  • Provides the senior leader team with a good understanding as the where the organization is regarding management development.
  • Provides HR Pros with a proven path forward as well as an effective and uncomplicated way to initiate customized learning and development programs that fit your company.
  • Allows the HR Pros to build effective influence with the senior leader team to continue the important task of management and leadership development that will be critical for the organization going forward.

Your next step is to take the assessment:

  • Take advantage of the free 30-minute free consultation.
  • Ludy Consulting is available to support and assist you every step of the way!

Thank you,

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